The Best Crypto Metaverse Projects to Try Now, Ranked 1–7

Hannan Rozal
4 min readOct 12, 2022

You’re considering making a fortune by investing in the best crypto projects in the metaverse. Which metaverse cryptocurrency project, however, is the most profitable to invest in? The best Metaverse cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022 will be discussed in this article.

Learning the Nature of the Metaverse

Virtual reality is a reality in the Metaverse. The “Metaverse” was influenced by Neal Stephenson’s 1992 cyberpunk novel Snow Crash. It is a 3D virtual reality environment of augmented reality and virtual headgear that enables users to interact and feel present “no matter how far apart…” Characters in the story have the ability to create things that don’t actually exist.

The governance and economic value that customers receive today are provided by crypto-related projects built on Metaverse technology.

Most Hugely profitable Metaverse Cryptocurrency That Could really Make You Rich in 2022


Decentraland, which was established in 2018, has a big advantage in the Metaverse race. This ground-breaking Metaverse project gives users all around the world access to a virtual gaming experience and is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Users can create and modify their characters, interact with other users, and explore the Decentraland environment, which is always evolving. Also this year, it has become one of the best web 3.0 cryptocurrencies to invest in.


A huge virtual world. believable and immersive. It will have structures, a variety of environments, natural regions, and businesses. Here, you can make new friends, have a good time, play games, be wicked if you want, and make money.

However, just as in real life, you must first pick your position.

All land plots will be put up for public auction on our land sale platform, with the ground level’s beginning bid starting at $50 (in Tipsy).

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Blank — Axie Infinity and Pokémon are similar in terms of the game mode. On the Ethereum blockchain, it is produced. Participants in this NFT online game compete and trade their governance token, AXS, in a win-to-win scenario. Outside of the network, users can exchange their earned assets in real-time and redeem their rewards.

The website received almost 1 million daily visitors as of August 2021. The game’s $364 million in revenue made it the second-highest revenue protocol, only behind Ethereum.

Enjin (ENJ)

Blank — Users can interact, play games, and create virtual goods using Enjin, which is likewise based on the Ethereum blockchain. Only $MANA and $AXS are worth more in terms of the market cap than $ENJ, which is third among all metaverse cryptocurrency coins.

Using the Software Development Kits from Enjin, users can create digital assets, games, and apps and mix them across the Ethereum network (SDKs). These games and applications employ tokenization. This suggests that once an item is unlocked, users can trade it in order to make $ENJ in addition to using it in-game.

The Sandbox (SAND)

Blank — On our list, the Sandbox Metaverse money ranks sixth. It is very valuable, with a market value of roughly $5.8 billion. The “Ethereum economy” is a virtual marketplace created on the Ethereum blockchain where anyone may trade digital items and even produce their own. An immersive experience is created through the ideal fusion of online engagement, decentralization, and games. Both players and developers will be interested in play-to-win and NFT-based economies. On the platform, there are utility tokens that can be applied to decentralized governance and exchanges.

In the game The Sandbox, players can purchase virtual lots to build items that other players can see and interact with. You can experiment in the Sandbox to explore what a blockchain-based Metaverse would look like.

Yield Guild Games

Blank — The sixth most well-liked project in the Metaverse is Yield Guild Games. Investments are made by this decentralized autonomous organization in virtual money that cannot be bought or sold. Additionally, FTS hopes to utilize its resources, build the world’s best virtual economy, and distribute profits to its investors.

In decentralized games developed by Yield Guild Games, players and investors can make money by investing in nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which are used in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games. Investing in NFTs can be profitable for investors. Because they could buy games to promote the platform, people felt more of a need to play.

Cryptotanks (TANK)

Blank — In the Play-to-Earn metaverse game CryptoTanks, players gather NFT tanks to play the popular 8-bit 90s game. In the gamified DeFi ecosystem, every NFT on Cryptotanks is completely functioning and may be bought, sold, or traded.

The difference between this game and others is that in CryptoTanks, a player can earn as he advances through different levels. Players can pay for in-game purchases with the $TANK tokens they obtain.



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